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Top tips when working from home

Top tips when working from home

Create a Routine

Eat meals at the same time every day. Start work and stop at the same time (pending emergencies).

By setting a schedule, you can estimate how long things will take and make room for things like meetings, calls, and breaks.

Get Dressed

We would all like to get out of bed and work in our PJs all day but getting dressed adds an element to you routune every morning.

Clothes give you a designated “I’m at work” mindset, but it can help you be more productive.

Create a ‘Work’ Space

It's so easy to work from the kitchen table or sat on the sofa, but you will be most productive in a designated work space.

This also signals to your family that you are working and not to be disturbed.

Find the Right Ambiance

It can be very quiet if you are at home alone, so try and replicate background ambiance by having the Radio or TV on in the background, playing music or even online videos with people talking.

Close you Social Media

"Let me just have 5minutes on Facebook" - you know what will happen, 30 minutes later and you are engrossed in a Friend's post.

Keep social media to break times only, and turn off any notifications.

Go for a walk

Don't stay in the house all day. Have a break, sit in the garden, go for a short walk.

Changing your location can inspire new ideas.

Take your Lunch break

Just like you would in the office, have a healthy lunch at the usual time. Breaks from your computer can help you be more productive in the afternoon.


Working from home is tough but if you are also home schooling then it is very tough. So, if you must combine the two for a long period of time, how are you going to cope?

You are going to have to plan well, get organised and work to a strict timetable if you want to get everything done. Equally, you’ll need to have a proper split between work, school, fun and rest.


Start early at the same time each day

Routine is important for good sleep and mental health, for both you and your kids. School starts at a set time, so make sure you are ready and stick to the timetable.


Get dressed properly like teacher and student

Getting showered and dressed is important to divide sleep and school.


Create spaces for different activities

You might set up a teaching room (kitchen), quiet room (spare bedroom) and a play area (living room).


Structure your day like a school day

Teaching time, activity time, play time and lunch time – just like their normal school routine.


Make a plan with your kids

At the start of the day, ask them what they want to do (within reason) so they feel involved.


Set aside breaks for TV, iPads and exercise

Use these times to schedule work emails or calls.


Finish at a set time, Bedtime at a set time

By getting a routine drilled in early on, you can try and get the kids to sleep at a sensible time, thereby giving yourself some space to work if you need to.


Don't be tempted to hit the wine

In some cases, evening time will be the only real time you can realistically work. If you drink your concentration will be poor, sleep poor and you’ll wake in a grumpy mood. Try and keep drinking to a minimum.