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Harry Styles

Harry Styles recently joined Olivia Jones on Total Access to chat about his time in isolation and the music video for his new single 'Falling'.

It's a strange time for all of us during the Coronavirus pandemic but Harry is trying to be positive despite the horrible situation we find ourselves in.

"I'm lucky to be someone that can work from home, I'm just trying to write a lot more".

However, Harry still managed to joke that he's "letting everything take a little bit longer" to pass the time before adding, "It takes me 3 minutes to climb the stairs".

Olivia also asked him about the music video for his new single which see's him underwater, luckily he confessed that despite it being a cold day... they warmed the water up for him!

You can listen back to when Harry Styles chatted with Olivia Jones on Total Access below and watch the music video for 'Falling'.




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