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Andy Crane

Your Memories

We all reminisced about our first days at school, ok it may not be as far back as the photo above but do you remember the excitement, the sadness, the tears and the smiles.

All in new uniform, dressed smartly with our new shoes and our super hero or princess box lunch.  Can you remember your first day back at school?

Let us know below and we can share everyone's experiences.


Your Memories

Steve - My first day at was great.  I managed to find my own drawer and got a gold star!! and we had semolina on first day was

Melissa - Remember it well,  I cried so much my parents had to come and take me back home :(

Stu - The most embarrassing day of my life, I wet myself.

Ruth - Going to high school and so happy to see the canteen as it was so much better than juniors