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New Year Gifts

It is customary to commemorate special events in life with the ritual of gift -giving and Chinese New Year is no exception. One very important tradition of the Chinese New Year is the ritual of exchanging gifts.

Chinese New Year Gifts capture the ethos of Chinese culture and the established ways of life in China. Boasting a history of 5000 years from stone carving to contemporary high tech gadgets, China displays the world's most artistic culture.

It isn't possible to seize the essence of such a vast and vivid culture. But Chinese New Year Gifts are credited by serving as a medium to showcase much of the quintessence of Chinese culture and the tradition. Chinese New Year Gifts run a gamut from Lanterns, Chop Sticks, Cane Umbrellas, T/Shirts, Dragon Heads, Fans, Bamboo Hats, Statues, Postcards and many other wonderful items.

An ancient custom which has an important role in Chinese New Year is Hong Bao. This involves gifting small red envelopes filled with "lucky money". These envelopes are given to children and unmarried adults by the married couples. The red colour is considered to bring good fortune, and the money inside the envelope is used by them to buy holiday treats.

Apart from the traditional "lucky money" there are other gifts that can be gifted on the Chinese New Year. Usually Chinese people prefer practical and useful gifts over fancy items. So, high tech gadgets like digital planners, laptops, ipods, organizers, digital calendars, cameras and many more stuffs will be welcome gifts as they will assist the recipients in their daily chores.

Wine is another popular choice for gifts. Medium Dry Wine, Great Wall Dry Wine, Dry Red Wine, Medium Sweet Wine are some of the famous wines that are apt for gift giving. Chinese calligraphy is one of the great form of art so Chinese calligraphy art works are great gift ideas. Flowers and blooming plants are considered lucky in China as they signify rebirth and new growth. One can even send the greetings of prosperity in the coming year with the fresh blooms. These are some of the gift ideas to delight all the near and dear ones on this Chinese New Year.