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Alex Lester

Crumbs, Would You Believe It!

The debate of which side of the biscuit is coated with chocolate has raged on for years, presumably over a steaming hot mug of tea.

But now McVities have tried to put an end to the arguments, by telling us which way up their biscuits should be held.

Most people assume the chocolate is the topping on Digestives and Hobnobs.

But our world has been turned (literally) upside down, by the revelation that the chocolate side is actually the bottom of the biscuit.

The McVitie’s stamp, which apparently marks the top of the tasty snack, is on the biscuit side.

Posting on the McVitie’s Facebook page last week, they recently wrote: “Hi, our Hobnobs goes through a reservoir of chocolate, so it’s on the bottom! Thanks, McVitie’s”.

And biscuit fans were horrified. Among them was Jay Bush, who wrote: “I can’t believe this .. my world’s just fallen apart”.

The revelation was first made back in 2014 but, nevertheless, the debate rages on – with many refusing to accept the upsetting truth that we’ve all been holding our biscuits the wrong way up.