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How To Cope With Exam Results Stress

Very soon lots of students will be receiving their exam results, do you remember how you felt on the run up to opening your envelope?

A lot of young people find it very stressful on the run up to exam results day, but what sort of effects can this sort of stress have on young people?

Stress can have several effects on young people; it can affect their levels of anxiety, their dietary intake and their sleep patterns. Sometimes stress can also make young people irritable and snappy.

There are techniques can students use to help combat this stress

Young people can make sure that they keep to a healthy routine of going to bed at a reasonable time, plus eating and drinking well. It is also important to go out and see friends. Spending too much time on games consoles, phones, tablets and TV’s can increase stress levels.  Keeping an active lifestyle and having regular fresh air and physical activity will help.

There are a number of free apps available that look at relaxation and mindfulness that helpful to reduce immediate stress. Please also talk to someone else about your stress - whether that be a friend or member of your family. If you speak to your friends you will also know that your level of stress is normal.

No amount of worrying will change the outcome of your results, the important thing is get support afterwards to decide the next steps you are going to take in your education or employment journey.

Even if you don’t get a result that you want, it does not mean that you cannot continue with your goals or ambitions. It may mean that you have to go a different way about them, but you can still get to where you want to get to. It is important to remember that your future is not defined by your grades you get.

Start thinking about who you would need to speak to and who could help you if that was the case – this could be your teacher, careers advisor, your college or your employer or a member of your family.

If you are feeling worried about exam result stress, there are several areas of support for young people. Your school will generally have a support person available to speak to, or you can speak with your school nurse or GP.  In some areas there are other support agencies that could help, for example safespeak, or go to your local connexions venue may provide support.