On Air

Alex Lester


 "Awaken, Romanian!"

Awaken thee, Romanian, from that deathly sleep
Into which you've been sunken by the barbarian tyrants.
Now or never sew yourself another fate
To whom even your cruel enemies may bow to.
Now or never, let us give proof to the world
That in these hands of ours roman blood still flows
And that in our chests we proudly keep a name
Triumphant in battles, a name of "Trajan".
Look, majestic shadows, Michael, Stephen, Corvinus:
The Romanian nation, your grand-grandsons
With armed hands and your fire in their veins
"A life of freedom or death", they all shout.
Priests with the cross ahead, because the army is christian
The motto is freedom and it's purpose is all too holy
We'd rather die in battle, in elevated glory
Than be slaves once more on our ancestral land.

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