On Air

Andy Crane


Orientals, the Fatherland or the grave,
Liberty or with glory, we die!(2x)
Is the vote that the soul pronounces,
And in which, we heroes fulfill!(3x)


Freedom, Freedom, Orientals!
This cry saved the fatherland.
That his bravery in fierce battles
Of sublime enthusiasm enflamed.
This sacred gift, of glory
we've deserved: tyrants tremble!
Freedom in battle we'll cry,
And in dying, freedom we'll shout!
Iberia worlds dominated
He wore his haughty power,
And their captive plants lay
The East nameless be
But suddenly his irons chopping
Given the dogma that May inspired
Among free despots fierce
A bridge saw pit.
His billet chain guns,
On his chest shield in battle,
In his superb courage trembled
The feudal champions of the Cid
In the valleys, mountains and jungles
Are undertaken with silent pride,
With fierce rumbling roar
The caves and the sky at once.
The roar that echoes around
Atahualpa the tomb was opened,
And vicious beating palms
Her skeleton, revenge! shouted
Patriots to the echo
It electrified in martial fire,
And in his teaching more lively shines
Of the Incas the immortal God.
Long, with various fortunes,
The freedman battled, and Lord,
Disputing the bloody earth
Inch by inch with blind fury.
Justice finally overcomes
Tamed the wrath of a king;
And to the world the indomitable Homeland
Inaugurates teaches law.
Orientals, look at the flag,
Glittering pot of heroism;
Our spears defend their brightness,
No one insults the image of the sun!
In the civil jurisdiction the enjoyment
Sustain and faithful Code
Immune and glorious venerate
Israel as the holy ark.
For your glory to be higher,
And Shine your price and power,
Three crowns, oh Fatherland, were
Your domain enjoy, and lose.
Freedom, freedom adored
Much treasure unparalleled slopes!
But they are worth your joys divine
That blood that irrigates your altar
If a barbarian people agitated,
Removing his late fury
Avoid fratricidal strife,
Ten thousand tombs recall the horror!
Heaven thunders storms,
curses upon him,
And the triumphant worship free
the law to rich jewel.
Shining adorned with laurels
The pride of the South Amazon,
In his bronze shield reflect
Fortaleza, justice and virtue.
Enemies will not humiliate the front
Neither foot oppressors imposed
That sealed his record troubles
And baptism of blood in their faith.
Celebrating the glory and the day
Of the sun of this new republic
With glimpses of purple and gold,
Decks your beautiful glow.
The August dome of Olympus
Shines, and a divine being
With stars in the heavens writes,
Sweet Fatherland, your name immortal.
The law to swear to Numen
Equality, patriotism and unity,
Sacrificing their divine order
Blind hatred, and black ambition.
And find that insulting fierce
The greatness of the Eastern People,
For the enemies, the spear of Mars,
For the tyrants the dagger of Brutus!
Orientals, the Fatherland or the grave,
Liberty or with glory, we die! (2x)
Is the vote that the soul pronounces,
And in which, we heroes fulfill! (3x)