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Sun Savers - Moving Home

Whether you’re a homeowner or renting, the hassle of moving house is a rite of passage that nobody can avoid.

According to Compare My Move, UK homeowners spent £9.7 billion moving house in 2017.

Here, Brian Farrer, owner of Winkle Transport & Removals, from Finchley, London, shares his top tips to save money moving house with the Sun Savers team...

1. Be eco. There are plenty of unavoidable costs when it come to moving house, like boxing all your belongings up! But Brian has some handy advice for this, telling us: “Ask removal companies if they’ve got used cardboard boxes available - they could be free of charge, as another customer had been charged for them previously.” He also recommended using less vans, saying: “See if you can use a smaller vehicle, and do a couple of trips to save the expense of two vehicles being there.”

2. Early bird. Brian revealed the best time of year to move is the start, telling us: “It’s better to move in January, February or March as the companies are quiet and they’ll offer you a great deal.” Plus, the time of day is important too. He tells us: “The early bird catches the worm as far as we’re concerned! We like to start early, and finish early.” Set your alarms!

3. Proper quotes. Confirm your initial quote with a delivery company includes any extra add-ons to avoid a shock later down the line. Brian says: “It’s definitely worth agreeing the quote that already has the add-ons included. If you’ve got an open cheque book, they’re just going to take advantage, aren’t they?”

4. Expected costs. How much should it actually cost to hire a delivery company? Brian tells us: “For two guys, it should be £75 (per hour) for competent movers. It can go down to £30 or £40 per hour but that’s with people who don’t specialise in moving - they’re just people with a van. There is a difference. If you value your items, then pay the £75 for the experienced movers, but if it’s a ‘bin bag’ move then go with the £30/£40 guys. If you have nice stuff that you care about, pay the extra.”

5. Moving alone. If you’re single, the idea of moving solo might stress you out, but there are services for individuals. He says: “If you’re single, and you get the right mover, what they will do is take your keys, pack the property up, move it to the new place, unpack it, and when you come back after work they hand you over the keys to the new place. It’s a really nice service.” Wow, sign me up Brian!

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