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Wedding season is upon us - and one thorny issue that never fails to get us fretting is what to gift the happy couple.

There’s no denying that the cost of going to a wedding can become an expensive affair with Brits spending an average £303 everytime, according to a survey by American Express.

Here, at Sun Savers we asked our panel of experts and Super Saver readers for their tips on buying wedding gifts this season...

Professional bridesmaid TIFFANY WRIGHT, who runs The Undercover Bridesmaid, says: “There are lots of personalised wedding gifts out there that don’t cost the earth, but have a lot of thought and meaning behind them. One of my brides recently received a gift from a bridesmaid which was a frame with a pressed flower in from the brides bouquet. How thoughtful and inexpensive is that?”

Bride-to-be HOLLY EARP, 31, from Kirkby Mallory, Leicester, says: “The most important thing is showing that you care and that you've made an effort. If one of my guests is short of cash, I'd suggest being creative! Buy a couple of novelty inflatable drinks holders - you can get them for a quid each from eBay, put a couple of beers in them, print out some photos and present it all in a big box. It'll cost less than a tenner and it'll mean just as much as a fancy present or a wad of cash.”

SARAH ALLARD, editor for Hitched.co.uk, says: “It really is the thought that counts, so think about something sentimental that you could gift the couple. A thoughtful message in a card with a contribution towards some cocktails on their honeymoon is always a nice idea.”

Sun Saver SALLY MCLEAN, from Alnwick, Northumberland, says: “I've had two weddings this year and I’ve got three next year. I bought a garden plant for the couple who have a garden, and the other couple got a houseplant. I’ll be gifting these for my weddings next year too!”

KAT WILLIAMS, editor for wedding magazine Rock n Roll Bride, says: “It doesn't have to be big or expensive, but even something really small and thoughtful like a cute photo frame to put one of their wedding photographs in will probably mean a lot to the couple.”

Sun Saver ROSEMIN NAJMUDIN, from London, says: “I offer my home for the weekend when I’m out and the couple fancy a weekend away. I pop to Aldi and fill my fridge with groceries (like bread, milk, wine and eggs) and clean the bedding. All they do is come, eat what they like, take walks in the area and have a relaxing break. A free weekend for them when we are away and the house stays safe - a done deal!”

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