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Andy Crane


This year 'Carrie' was published as the first novel by then unknown author Steven King and before we had the internet... .we had Ceefax! The BBC information service was laucnhed this year and it was also the year of invetion for the Rubik's cube. Sports fans the world over were entertained by the 'Rumble in the Jungle', when Muhammad Ali knocked out George Foreman in 8 rounds.



Mud: Tiger Feet

Terry Jacks: Seasons in the Sun

Three Degrees: When Will I See You Again



The anticipated 2nd part of the Godfather trilogy was released this year, alongside political western Blazing Saddles and the Texas Chain Saw Massacre.



Tiswas started on local midlands TV and was then rolled out the the rest of the UK on ITV. We also hosted the Eurovision Song Contest, live from the Dome in Brighton (but Sweden won. Some band called ABBA apparently!)