On Air

Andy Crane


The Gulf War was the first televised war and more than ever before was fought from a distance. Haagan Dazs launched a sexy new ice cream campaign and profits increased. The world was mystified by 'crop circles', which first appeared in Britain but were soon reported across the world. Millionaire newspaper tycoon Robert Maxwell disappeared under mysterious circumstances while sailing near the Canary Islands.



It was the year of Bryan Adams, well for 16 weeks as The title track for Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves stayed at number one for a record 16 weeks and hung around the chart for a total of six months.


A year after hitting our TV screens Bart Simpson became a number one with Do The Bartman which was written and co-produced by Michael Jackson.



Silence Of The Lambs - Anthony Hopkins plays everyone's favourite cannibal, Hannibal Lecter and Jodie Foster stars as everyone's favourite FBI agent Clarice Starling. Together they track down a serial killer who's making a woman's suit out of real women!

The Commitments - An hilarious tale of 'underclass' Dubliners who try to break into the music business by forming a soul band. It was performed almost completely by unknowns who attended massive open auditions in Ireland.



Noel's House Party was a live show set in a mock stately home in the fictitious village of Crinkley Bottom.  Favourite features included Grab A Grand in which celebrities grabbed bank notes trying to win money for a lucky viewer. NTV involved the privacy of someone's home being invaded by secret cameras and splashed live on national television.




Sonic the Hedgehog - A blue hedgehog who jumped through hoops and rolled along stunning everything in his path with his rubber spines. Kids would actually buy a Sega Megadrive just to play Sonic.  The Sega GameGear was the poor relation of Nintendo's Game Boy and the Sega MegaDrive but it had a healthy if shortlived existence. One advantage GameGear had over the rest: with the colour screen and the help of an adaptor you could watch television.