On Air

Alex Lester

A Look Back at 1995

Bill Gates' company Microsoft launched Windows 95, and Sony launched their famous Playstation. Financial dealer Nick Leeson whose trading led to the collapse of Barings Bank and Robbie Williams disappointed thousands of fans by leaving Take That.


Take That - Never Forget


Robson and Jerome -'Unchained Melody'



Waterworld was set in a future where global warming has drowned all countries, It was the Heaven's Gate of the 1990s - a monumental blockbuster that cost the earth and delivered only water. Braveheart - Wallace's childhood sweetheart Murron is killed by English soldiers on the day after their marriage, so he springs into action and begins a revolt. As well as doing a lot of shouting he also finds time for an affair with the Princess of Wales along the way.



Father Ted - Scheming Father Ted, simple Father Dougal and Drunken Father Jack were looked after by faintly psychotic housekeeper Mrs Doyle in the simple yet often surreal family comedy. Mrs Merton - Caroline Aherne dressed up as an ageing agony aunt and lulled her celebrity guests into a false sense of security before asking them double-entendre questions in a naïve manner. It was a chat show with a difference, her interview style was motherly, and she involved the genuinely aged audience in discussions.



PlayStation took video games from being the preserve of children and turned them into post-Yuppie fashion accessories. Slick marketing, arcade-quality graphics and the arrival of buxom Lara Croft, made PlayStation one of the biggest brands of the '90s.Inflatables - As if an inflatable banana hadn't been enough in the '80s, the craze returned during 1995 in the shape of chairs, picture frames and wine racks. It seemed everyone was blowing-up the contents of their homes, as more and more outrageous uses were found for hollow housewares.