Friday is Payday Winners


It was HUGE!!!  Our biggest cash prize yet and it's made Anthony £20,000 richer.  A convertible and a holiday is now being planned, that's once he's got his breath back from the shock


Martin who's in a desperate need for a haircut had just finished work when he received the call from Elliot. £16,000 richer he is going to be giving his garden a makeover and a brand new kitchen for the wife.


Jordan is off on holiday to New York when he's able to. Celebrating with a beer after the news he now has £10,000


Darren had a wet and quiet Friday and is now planning to book a holiday somewhere very warm has he picked up our biggest cash giveaway yet.  £15,000 is now heading into his bank account


After a busy working in a supermarket all day when he got the call from Elliot.  After weeks of entering he received the news he is now £12,000 richer.  A new garden and holiday to The Canaries are now on the cards and a night on the vodka

There will be another chance to win next Friday, so make sure you're listening to the Breakfast show just after 8am on Monday morning.

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