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Even if you don’t have a compost heap you can recycle your food waste at home. Your new waste food collection service allows you to separate all of your  leftovers such as meat, vegetables and bones into a separate container or food caddy and then you can put that in with your garden waste both of which is recycled into a compost for agriculture. 

Separating your food waste allows you to see how much food you actually throw out, want to make your food go further simply visit LoveFoodHateWaste for lots of delicious recipes made from leftovers.


The Christmas Tree and Other Garden Waste

Christmas is over, did you buy a real tree and now you’re not sure how to dispose of it. Recycling your tress has never been easier, you can recycle it at home. Carefully cut up your tree and recycle it in your food and garden bin. Or if your rubbish is collected by Manchester City Council during the month of January you can leave your Christmas tree out next to your food and garden bin for collection.

You can also recycle your trees at your local Household Waste Recycling Centre. Click for details of where your nearest Recycling Centre is located.

Tidying the garden up for a New Year of plants and blooms, remember to put all grass cuttings, leaves and branches in your food and garden bin for recycling.


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