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Mark Goodier

Hidden Harm

Parental problem alcohol misuse / drug use can and does cause serious harm to children at every age from conception to adulthood, promoting:

- Compromised parenting capacity
- Poor outcomes for child’s development and behaviour
- Increased risk of becoming involved in the criminal justice system
- Increased risk of developing substance misuse problems themselves
- Infant attachment problems and high levels of parent-child separation

Thing’s to look out for in adults:

- Desire to drink/ use.
- Loss of control over amount drunk / used
- Withdrawals
- Tolerance
- Narrowing of repertoire
- Continued use despite knowledge of harm

In Children:

- Children’s cognitive development may be delayed due to lack of stimulation / disorganisation re schooling and attendance.
- Children may show symptoms of anxiety, stress & fear.
- Problem behaviours
- Neglect regarding presentation i.e. washing; unfed etc
- Being a young carer
- Low self esteem
- Lack of friends