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Stoptober 2013 Halton

During October, smokers in Halton are being encouraged to quit together, as Stoptober – the nation’s biggest ever mass participation stop smoking challenge – launches for its second year.

How to take part
We’re supporting you all the way

Lots of smokers are making October their Stoptober. For more information call our Halton team on 01928 593043
If you are looking for help and advice to quit smoking, our trained team in Halton uses tried and tested ways to help you change your smoking habits, such as nicotine replacement therapy. We run a number of drop in and 1-1 sessions – call us or click here to find out when and where:


Sign up to Stoptober now and get your FREE information pack

As well as our local support services, if you sign up to Stoptober via the dedicated Stoptober website, you’ll receive a free, handy information pack which includes:

-Information and resources to help you quit
-A 28-day mobile phone app and a text message service that both provide motivational pick-me-ups. You can download the app from the Smokefree website
-Detailed tools and tips for coping, as well as the encouragement and support from thousands of people going through the same thing via social media

Need inspiration?
Meet our Quit Hero – Mark Quinn

"I started smoking at age 14. All my friends did and if you wanted to be in with the crowd, you joined in. Before I quit I smoked on average 10 to 12 a day. In the past few years I’d tried a few times to quit, but hadn’t managed to stick with it. I’ve lost a few really close friends in the past couple of years and the stress of that made me start smoking again."

"This time has been different though. I’ve now been quit for nearly a year and I don’t intend ever starting smoking again! I’ve always been into cycling, and it’s a big part of my life – I’ll happily cycle up to 80 or 90 miles a day. But when I was smoking, I found when going uphill I’d get out of breath really quickly. But that doesn’t happen now and I’m even doing extra miles without even thinking about it."

"Last year I broke my own record for cycling from Widnes to Llandudno – and that was while I was still smoking, so I can’t wait to see how much better I’ll do this year! There’s also a group of us planning to do a charity bike ride from Widnes to Barcelona in the summer. Quitting has definitely changed my life. I’m sleeping better because I’m not waking up struggling for breath in the middle of the night, my clothes smell better and my sense of smell is unbelievable! I just feel so much better. I’m a big Vikings fan and when we go to a match, I’ll still go outside with my mates when they go for a fag break – but now I go for a mint instead!"

"I’d recommend SUPPORT to anyone, they’re fantastic. The moral support they give you is great."

"And to all my mates – if I can do it, so can you!”