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Andy Crane

The Hereditary Breast Cancer Helpline


The Hereditary Breast Cancer Helpline is the ONLY helpline of its kind in the UK. It has, since it began in 1996 taken over 80,000 calls! The helpline is ran 24 hours a day 365 days a year and at the moment is still ran independently by its founder Wendy Watson. We are currently having to expand  to deal with the needs of a further 118,000 women in the UK, who are at increased risk, but as of next year will receive NO clinical support other than an annual mammogram. Yet these people have real and understandable anxieties. We are training 20 people from around England to help on the Helpline. There are many additional costs in this work in addition to the actual training costs so every penny is necessary and will go towards the support of these women. By supporting this cause Peak FM are not only making a difference locally but nationally also. The helpline has been credited to saving 1000’s of lives and every penny raised will help in the expansion of this helpline so that we can help to save even more.