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Jared, Angelique, Gabriel, Manjo, Alyssa, and CJ. Born   and   raised   in Baltimore (USA), the band consists of four brothers and two sisters aged between 15-24. With their catchy choruses, stunning vocals and spectacular dance routines, the band are  taking the UK by storm! Their talents include: singing, dancing, choreography, song writing,  rapping,  piano,  guitar,  drums,  sign language,  and  martial  arts  -  every member  of  the  group  holds  a  Black  Belt  in  Tae Kwon  Do!  Four  of  whom  are  also world champions in the Philippine martial art, Eskrima.

JAGMAC   were   discovered   whilst   performing   a   series   of   small   gigs in   their hometown,  after  word  spread,  music  executives  from  De  Angelis  Entertainment made the journey to check them out and they were signed on the spot! Over the past 12  months  JAGMAC  have  been  in  the  studio  with the  likes  of Bryan  Todd (Jordin Sparks   and   Miley   Cyrus), Lauren   Christy (formerly   "The   Matrix” whose   credits include  Avril Lavigne,  Chris  Brown,  Katy  Perry,  David  Bowie  and  Rihanna), Pam Sheyne (Christina  Aguilera)  and  Mike  Krompass  (Smash  Mouth) to  name  a  few. More recently, they have been writing in the UK with Shelly Poole and Ben Adams. JAGMAC’ s hugely infectious single ‘ So Good’  was  written with Sonny J Mason (Ce lo Green, Aston Merrygold, Little Mix) on a trip to the UK. This plethora of superstar writers combined with the extraordinary talents of JAGMAC destines them for global success. 

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