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Andy Crane

VIDEO: Justin Bieber attacked on stage

Justin Bieber has been targeted by a male fan who grabbed him as he performed during a concert in Dubai.

The 19-year-old Canadian singer was playing the piano during one of his last songs, Believe, when the man grabbed him from behind.

The pop star managed to free himself and ran to the side of the stage as security guards tackled the fan.

During the struggle, the man managed to overturn the piano..

Despite the incident, Bieber returned after a short break and finished the concert with his finale song Baby.

The star also performed on Saturday in Dubai and withdrew one of his songs, One Less Lonely Girl, out of respect for the country's Muslim faith.

He also paused his show in Turkey on Thursday to allow fans to take part in the Muslim call to prayer.

But he angered fans after arriving more than two hours late for his first concert at Dubai's Sevens Stadium.

Thousands of parents and fans also booed the singer when he arrived late for a sold-out concert at London's O2 Arena in March.

Last month he was criticised for suggesting Anne Frank would have been a fan of his.