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Ginger hair included as 157 new emojis launched

Pic: Emojipedia Sample Image Collection

The Unicode Consortium, which chooses and creates new emojis, is launching 157 new icons on Tuesday.

Among them will be ginger-haired people - which have not been available to users so far, along with bald-headed and curly-haired people.

Twitter user @AutumShannon wrote: "Been waiting my WHOLE LIFE for ginger emojis to come out."

@SallySeawrong tweeted last week: "Only one week until the discrimination ends and we get ginger emojis!!! My time has finally come!!"


A kangaroo, llama, lobster, hippo, parrot and mosquito are among the 66 new creatures to be included in the Emoji 11.0 update.

But while ginger-haired people may be celebrating, it could be months before they can actually include the emoji in a Whatsapp message or social media post.

Twitter has previously been quick to update its systems but Android and Apple devices may make their users wait until later in the year to fit with their general operating system updates.

Other new emojis include a superhero, hot and cold face, partying face, woozy face, bagel, toilet roll, cupcake, test tube and DNA.

A flamingo and white heart did not make the list this time, despite being nominated.


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