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Rick Houghton

WhatsApp unveils new ‘reveal my location feature’

You can now track your WhatsApp contacts' whereabouts as they move around the city on a personalised map.

The new feature is meant to make it easier to meet up with friends and let loved ones know that you're safe - as well as broadcasting your surroundings in a similar way to Facebook's tagging feature.

Friends' and family's profile pictures will appear as an icon that will move around a Google-style interactive map.

The option to share your location will appear under the attach function when sending messages to a single person or group.

Android and iPhone owners will start to see the option to share their location in the coming weeks.

The tracker may prove useful for some but is bound to ruffle some feathers and may leave users blushing if they're spotted entering somewhere suspicious.

Choose how long you want to share your journey, and tap send.

Domestic abuse charities have previously voiced concerns over apps that broadcast a smartphone owners' location.

Snapchat was slammed for its Snap Map, which encourages youngsters to broadcast exactly where they were.

Police feared it could be used for stalking or kidnapping.

Each person in the chat will be able to see exactly what you're up to and if you're running late.

If more than one person shares their location, they will appear on the same map.