On Air

Andy Crane

Louis Chadwick

A is for Apple 
Favourite fruit? 
Orange. In the smelliest of places, the zest of an orange is the don.

B is for Beach 
Favourite holiday destination?
Ibiza. It’s got the lot.

C is for Car 
First car? 
Vauxhall Corsa - old and rusting but a masterpiece.

D is for Dog 
First and current pet? 
First pet(s) were homemade sea monkeys. We now have two cats.

E is for Embarrassment 
Most embarrassing moment?
Accidentally used some pretty heavy duty profanity toward my mate’s Mum, after eating a particularly hot curry and her telling me she didn’t have any yoghurt to cool my mouth down.

F is for Football 
Who do you support? 
Pretty neutral - support the underdog!

G is for Game 
What do you play? 
I play in kayaks, where I often get wet, and on my bike, where I often get wet.

H is for History 
Where are you from? 
The Midlands!

I is for Ice Cream 
Favourite flavour? 
Mint Chocolate Chip, or a very sweet lemon.

J is for Jungle 
If you were an animal, what animal would you be?
Probably a monkey - they have a lot of fun. Imagine the freedom of swinging through a jungle and cackling all day.

K is for Kettle 
Tea or coffee? 
Tea, please. Strong, one sugar.

L is for Lumber 
What’s the most trouble you got into as a kid?
Couple of detentions here and there but in primary school I got a decent telling off for throwing rocks on to the newly lain playground tarmac.

M is for Munchies 
Favourite food? 
Chinese - It’s always a challenge to pick one of crispy chilli beef, special fried rice and a chicken chow mein. So I have all of them.

N is for Naughty 
Who’s your celebrity crush? 
Ellie Goulding - I follow her on Instagram and by the looks of her life, I want to be her friend.

O is for Optics 
We’re at the bar, what would you like?
Estrella/San Miguel to begin, then a gin & tonic at the end of the night.

P is for Pet hate 
What do you have an irrational hatred of?
Matrix signs on the motorway, when they tell me there’s a queue and there absolutely isn’t.

Q is for Queen Vic or Rovers?
Corrie or Eastenders? 
Corrie - can’t beat the drama.

R is for Region 
What’s your favourite thing about Warrington, Widnes and Runcorn?
Try and find a fault with the M62 - you won’t… great road.

S is for Sing Song 
What’s your karaoke song? 
Donald Where’s Your Troosers, or Abba.

T is for Toast 
What do you have for breakfast?
A big bacon sandwich.

U is for Underwear 
Boxers, y-fronts, knickers or commando?
Boxers - I have a good collection of bright ones.

V is for Video 
Favourite film? 

W is for Worry 
What are you scared of? 
Losing my hearing.

X is for X Ray Vision 
What super power do you wish you had and why?
I wish I was a Jedi or a wizard - I’d be the kind of wizard who’d Google new spells.

Y is for Yo yo 
Favourite toy? 
Lego - I used to build Lego football stadiums. They were magnificent.

Z is for Zip It 
Last thing you wish you hadn’t said?
Oh many things...probably that I can’t repeat!