On Air

Rick Houghton

Martin Emery's A-Z


A is for Apple

Favourite fruit? Banana


B is for Beach

Favourite holiday destination? USA


C is for Car

First car? Vauxhall Nova (black, with brown dashboard and orange seats. I called it the ‘Jaffa Cake’)


D is for Dog

First and current pet? Only ever had a goldfish (which died after 2 days)


E is for Embarrassment

Most embarrassing moment? Discussing a colleague’s very interesting private life with a former boss - not realising there was a fault with the microphone and our conversation was going out live on air. We wondered why all the phone lines suddenly began flashing.


F is for Football

Who do you support? Manchester United. I have a season ticket


G is for Game

What do you play? I’m a frustrated pilot, so I have a couple of flight simulators on my iPad and phone


H is for History

Where are you from? Manchester


I is for Ice Cream

Favourite flavour? None - I don’t do dairy


J is for Jungle

If you were an animal, what animal would you be? A cat. I could sleep, have a wander,  have another sleep, your food’s put out for you - and you get 9 lives. Not bad really.


K is for Kettle

Tea or coffee? Both - black coffee or green tea


L is for Lumber

What’s the most trouble you got into as a kid? I once threw a stone through a car window in a restaurant car park (it was an accident!)


M is for Munchies

Favourite food? Any Chinese


N is for Naughty

Who’s your celebrity crush? Louise Redknapp & Keren Woodward from Bananarama


O is for Optics

We’re at the bar, what would you like? A bottle of Corona, please


P is for Pet hate

What do you have an irrational hatred of? The Daily Mail


Q is for Queen Vic or Rovers?

Corrie or Eastenders? Corrie


R is for Region

What’s your favourite thing about Wigan and St Helens? I like the fact you know where you stand with people - they’re friendly and honest


S is for Sing Song

What’s your karaoke song? Monkees - Daydream Believer


T is for Toast

What do you have for breakfast? Porridge


U is for Underwear

Boxers, y-fronts, knickers or commando? Boxers 


V is for Video

Favourite film? Any James Bond - the films would be my Mastermind subject


W is for Worry

What are you scared of? I don’t mind heights, but if there’s no barrier in front of me… woah!


X is for X Ray Vision

What super power do you wish you had and why? The ability to fly - I could avoid the M6.


Y is for Yo yo

Favourite toy? My old Hornby train set. It broke down constantly. It was very realistic.


Z is for Zip It

Last thing you wish you hadn’t said? "Where’s that idiot *name deleted* ?” - only for them to be stood right behind me (they were an idiot by the way).