Dua Lipa wanted to make 'New Rules' a female anthem!



Dua Lipa has said that she's pleased with 'New Rules' becoming an anthem... but can you stop with all the memes!

The single became Dua's first number 1 track and has cemented her place was one of the UK's biggest stars after other hits that included 'Be The One' and 'Hotter Than Hell'.

In an interview with The Metro, Dua has said that she is pleased with the reaction to the single... especially from women, ‘I wanted it to turn into that [an anthem for women],’

She added, ‘I feel it’s a song that more people than just myself can relate to. I think that it’s fun, and if it helps people then I’m doing my job right.’.

Now, as your popularity increases... so does your role in popular culture, and it looks like Dua has hit the top as she's influenced a meme!

But, despite being happy that the single has been so successful... she's kinda hoping the memes will stop, ‘People are taking this way too far!’





Sorry Dua, but we love them!

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