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Ed Sheeran denies Taylor Swift's 'Dress' is about him!

Taylor and Ed RESIZE


Well, there goes that rumour!

Ed Sheeran has broken ALL of our hearts by admitting that he doubts the song 'Dress' on Taylor Swift's new album is about him!

Taylor released her new album 'Reputation' on Friday and fans immediately started dissecting the lyrics to see whether there were any shade aimed at her ex-boyfriends... but it was her BFF Ed Sheeran who they were talking about!

In her tune 'Dress', Taylor sings about wanting to break out of the friendzone and includes the lines 'Shape of you' and 'golden tattoos' in the lyrics!

So naturally... as Ed has a single called 'Shape of You' and LOADS of tattoos, fans started to comment!

But, during an Instagram live session he dismissed the rumours by saying that if you look further into the lyrics she mentions the guy having a 'buzzcut'... and obviously, Ed has never shaved his ginger locks!

Oh well, back to the drawing board!

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