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Shawn Mendes Can't Wait For Heartbreak!

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Shawn Mendes has admitted that he's looking forward to having his heart broken so that he can write some awesome songs!

The 19 year old has already dominated the chart with hits from his debut album which included 'Stitches' and 'There's Nothing Holdin' Me Back', but now he seems to be looking forward to his next album and what could influence it!

Despite being one of the hottest young stars in music, there hasn't really been any rumours regarding his love life... however this is something he is looking to change!

Speaking with YouTuber Fernanda Catania before a concert in Brazil, Shawn explained "I have mildly [suffered for love], not as much as I make it sound like. I need to get my heart broken so I can write another album. I don't think I've ever had my heart broken," Shawn said. "I'm lucky, but that means it has to happen. But that's good, I can't wait for it to happen because I'll probably get some good songs out of it.".

Shawn has previously admitted that he see's Taylor Swift as a role model in his young career after he supported her on the '1989 Tour'... maybe he can get her advice on cutting break-up songs too!

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