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Taylor Swift reveals secret cameo on 'Gorgeous'!

Taylor Swift RESIZE#


Taylor Swift has revealed that she has a secret cameo on her new single 'Gorgeous'... and it's her cutest collaboration ever!

It's been wondered, since the release of the tune in October, who was the cute voice saying the name of the song at the start... well, now that Tay-Tay has released her new album 'Reputation' we finally get to find out who it is!

It turns out that the voice is from someone quite close to Taylor, it's her friends' daughter... but they're not just any old mates, it's Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively's child James!

Yup, their 2 year old daughter is on a Taylor Swift tune... and we're just here singing in the shower!

Check out the tune below and listen out for the James Reynolds intro!