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Ruth Griffiths' A-Z

Ruth News Master

A is for Apple
Favourite fruit? Melon

B is for Beach
Favourite holiday destination? Greece

C is for Car
First car? Corsa

D is for Dog
First and current pet? First pet a dog / current – 2 dogs and 2 horses

E is for Embarrassment
Most embarrassing moment? Loads, ha! 

F is for Football
Who do you support? Liverpool

G is for Game
What do you play? Eventing (equestrian)

H is for History
Where are you from? Kinver

I is for Ice Cream
Favourite flavour? Toffee

J is for Jungle
If you were an animal, what animal would you be? Panther

K is for Kettle
Tea or coffee? Coffee

L is for Lumber
What’s the most trouble you got into as a kid? Cutting off all the hair on all my Barbie Dolls – and swearing blind it wasn’t me – despite being an only child…

M is for Munchies
Favourite food? Pork Belly

N is for Naughty
Who’s your celebrity crush? David Beckham

O is for Optics
We’re at the bar, what would you like? Pinot Grigio please

P is for Pet hate
What do you have an irrational hatred of? People who only talk about themselves

Q is for Queen Vic or Rovers?
Corrie or Eastenders? Ooooh…Corrie

R is for Region
What’s your favourite thing about Warrington, Widnes and Runcorn? We're right by the motorway

S is for Sing Song
What’s your karaoke song? Anything Tina Turner

T is for Toast
What do you have for breakfast? Sometimes toast

U is for Underwear
Boxers, y-fronts, knickers or commando? Pants

V is for Video
Favourite film? NARNIA: Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe

W is for Worry
What are you scared of? The dark AND spiders

X is for X Ray Vision
What super power do you wish you had and why? I would very much like to be magic – like Harry Potter

Y is for Yo yo
Favourite toy? Monopoly 

Z is for Zip It
Last thing you wish you hadn’t said? That I didn’t want a Nando’s…as I do!