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Groundhog day in the kitchen? Wish your little ones would help out more? We’re making dinnertime FUN!

If you’re running out of ideas for tea and need some inspiration, Wire FM’s 1 Minute Menu will give you loads of ideas with our resident food blogger Elin with her quick, cheap and healthy recipes.

Tune in to Elin every Monday at 3.30pm on Vicky Warham’s Home Run for her 1 minute menu. Below, you can see her latest recipe and check out her ‘How To’ video guides. Scroll down to get in touch and upload your pics of you in the kitchen getting your kids involved in the cooking!

A little bit about Elin...

Born and bred in Norway, I moved to the UK 17 years ago, to study International Hospitality Management in Manchester.

Having lived in 4 more countries since, I discovered a growing passion for cooking, inspired by various cuisines. Like the Italians, I believe that the kitchen is the heart of the home.

I also believe that cooking is educational for kids and a great bonding experience, in the process of creating something together.

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Strata with Sausages,Peas and parmesan

You all know how I hate to throw away food, and this is the perfect recipe for using up stale bread. If you don't have eggs, cut the bread into cubes and freeze them. You can then use them to make crutons (tiger bread crutons are out of this world!) or strata.
Strata is best if left overnight, so the bread gets a chance to properly soak up the eggs. However, it works perfectly fine if you just let it rest in the fridge for an hour as well.

Please watch the video for instructions, and keep in mind that the ingredients are interchangeable to an extent. This also works very well with, for example bacon or panchetta, ham, spinach, cheddar cheese and leeks.
Baking time will vary depending on many factors, but it's all done when the eggs are set. You might also choose to not cover the bread mixture entirely, but let the bread stick up like little peaks, in which case they will turn slightly crispy in the oven.
This is a great way to serve a crowd, use up leftovers and also allows you to prepare in advance.


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