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Dry January With Neal Atkinson



What will the New Year bring for You. Would you like a healthier, happier 2014, with more money in your pocket? Then why not join us on the Dry January Challenge?

People across St Helens are being challenged to try going dry next month as part of a national campaign tackling alcohol misuse. 
Alcohol Concern in conjunction with St Helens Council’s Public Health Team and Bridgewater Community Healthcare NHS Trust are rallying local support for Dry January – which aims to see as many people as possible reducing their alcohol intake throughout the month. 

Campaign organisers hope to get people thinking about their drinking behaviour, and perhaps set them on a path to socialising – or even just coping – without alcohol. 

People are being asked to consider: 
•    Having three alcohol free days per week 
•    Choosing drinks with fewer units 
•    Alternating alcohol with soft drinks 
•    Not keeping lots of alcohol at home 
•    Or you can go the whole way and cut out alcoholic drinks altogether!

St Helens Council’s Director of Public Health Liz Gaulton said: “St Helens faces real challenges in relation to alcohol harm. But we won’t see any improvement until people start thinking about their own drinking habits – and how they affect the lives of those around them. 

“People may have many different reasons for staying off the booze – or even just cutting down – so we’re urging everyone to just give Dry January a try. Christmas will be out of the way and I think many will actually relish the chance to take things easy for a few weeks afterwards.” 

Making positive changes will bring a range of benefits for most people. By taking on the challenge many will find they can lose a few pounds – and save some money into the bargain. With no hangovers there should also be time and energy to spare!  

The campaign also aims to make people aware of more serious health concerns. St. Helens is third in the national league table of early deaths from liver disease. 

You can sign up to the Dry January campaign by going to www.dryjanuary.org.uk. If you are a heavy drinker speak to your GP as help is available to cut down or stop drinking safely. 

Sign up for a Dry January today at www.dryjanuary.org.uk

If you are a heavy drinker and want to quit, you are strongly advised to consult your GP or addaction first and to be honest about your intake.  This is because for some people suddenly stopping drinking can be dangerous without medical 

Download common sense advice on drinking this New Year