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15th June - 7pm
Portugal 3-3 Spain

20th June - 1pm
Portugal 1-0 Morocco

25th June - 7pm
IR Iran 1-1 Portugal


Flag: The Bandeira de Portugal is 3/8ths green and 5/8ths red and features the national coat of arms, with it’s five distinctive shields. Well, six if you include the shield that the five shields are set on.

Population: 10.32 million

Nickname: All hail the Selecção das Quinas - that’s the ‘National Team of the Shields’ if you must know.

Manager: It’s the man with one of the grumpiest faces in the modern game, Fernando Santos.

Captain: The five-time winner of the Ballon D’or title, Real Madrid’s Cristiano Ronaldo.

Star Man: See above.

Rising star: Keep ‘em peeled for 22-year- old Milan prospect Andre Silva.