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Please pass on our thanks to everyone involved yesterday - our students thoroughly enjoyed it.(It was great to hear Ged and Hayley mention us this morning, too!) I will encourage everyone to go onto Facebook as you said.I wonder if we could beg, steal or borrow one of the posters with the Scholarship logo on? We are going to do a display.Thanks again, looking forward to hearing the finished products!

Joanne Partridge, Lytham High School

The students really enjoyed their day at Radio Wave and the CLC. They got to make radio programmes and commercials and most importantly learnt about the planning required to produce a professional product. The scholarship programme is helping them to think and speak confidently, plan maticulously and work under extreme pressure. It has been such an eye opener for them and they can't wait for more! Thanks to all the Radio Wave staff that facilitated Bispham High School on 11th May.

Sarah Bagot (Teacher of Music & Drama and Enterprise Co-ordinator Bispham High School Arts College)