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The Most and Least Expensive Beaches

A TRIP to the seaside is one of life’s last affordable pleasures – just so long as you’re not visiting Norway.

That’s according to a new a price index that ranks the Scandinavian country’s beaches as the world’s most expensive.

Tallying the cost of food, drink and sunscreen at 310 beaches across 70 countries,  TravelBird’s annual Beach Price Index named Kristiansand in the Scandinavian country as the planet’s priciest seaside spot.

At £51.82 per person for the day, the Norwegian beach is more than £40 pricier than Cua Dai Beach in Vietnam, the most affordable destination on the list.

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Vietnam actually bagged the top three spots for bargain beaches, with two Egyptian destinations following close behind.

India was the country with the highest number of beaches in the top ten though, with four cheap tourist hot spots.

At the other end of the table, infamously expensive Norway had five beaches in the top ten priciest beaches.

French Polynesia – last year’s most expensive beach location – came a close second with the world’s fourth and fifth most expensive beaches.

The cost of sun cream

Sun cream is most expensive when bought from beaches in The Seychelles, especially at Beau Vallon Beach in Mahe where it will set you back £21.35 for a 200ml bottle.

In comparison, Cua Dai Beach in Vietnam has the world’s least expensive sun cream, costing just £1.56 per bottle.

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The price of a bottle of water

The seaside location with the most expensive bottle of water is Huk Beach in Oslo, Norway, costing £2.38 for a 500ml bottle.  The beach with the least expensive bottle of water is Sunken City in Egypt, where the same sized bottle costs just 16p.


The price of a beer

The beach with the most expensive beer globally is Huk Beach in Oslo, Norway, where a 33cl bottle costs an eye-watering £7.08.

In contrast, Soma Bay in Hurghada, Egypt, is the seaside destination with the least expensive beer, available for just 50p.

The cost of ice Cream

Norway’s Huk Beach also has the world’s most expensive ice creams, at £4.08 each.

Egypt’s El Gouna in Hurghada is the beach with the least expensive ice creams in the world, costing just 42p.


West Palm Beach in Florida has the world’s most expensive seaside lunch, costing £22.94 for one person.

Meanwhile, Egypt’s El Gouna in Hurghada is the beach with the most affordable lunches, available for just £4.51.

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