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Abbasconder Terms and Conditions

By entering the competition, all participants will be deemed to have accepted and be bound by the rules and requirements as set out below:

Anyone employed by Abba Cars or any affiliated company and Bauer Media are NOT allowed to enter the competition.

From Monday 16th September, entrants must listen to Wire FM for clues to reveal the location of the “Wire FM Abba-sconder”. Clues may also be featured on www.wirefm.com and Wire FM’s Facebook page. Clues are subject to change.

The Abba-sconder may be out during any time and day of the week during the competition period subject to change.

Once the clues are revealed an entrant are invited to work out the Abba-sconder location and head to the place they believe to be the location for the day.

The first entrant to successfully identify the Abba-sconder by asking:

“Are you the Wire FM Abba-sconder?’ will win a share of the £5000 prize fund.

The Abba-sconder will ONLY reveal their identity to this EXACT question, any variation of the wording will not be accepted as any entry and The Abba-sconder will have the final say on whom the first entrant was to reveal their identity and that the correct question was asked.

The Abba-sconder will remain in each location for up to 60 minutes; once they have been found that round of the competition will have ended.

If an entrant can show the Abba-scounder that the Abba Cars Taxis Warrington App has been downloaded to their phone at the time their prize money won will be doubled.

Upon winning, a prize winner’s form must be completed. Prize money will be paid by BACS within 30 days of the station receiving the winners’ nominated bank account.

The Wire FM Team will have the final say on winners and prize money awarded. The Wire FM team’s decision will be final.

Only one winner per household.

All participants in this activity must be aged 18 and above.

All participants of the competition are responsible for their own safety in searching for the Wire FM Abba-sconder. Neither Wire FM nor Abba Cars can be held responsible for any costs incurred by entrants participating in the search.

By participating in the activity you agree to the Wire FM team taking photos for marketing purposes.

The prize fund for this promotion is £5000 in total. Individual prize money may vary.

The prize winners’ photos and their names will be used by Wire FM and Abba Cars in publications such as local press articles and on social media channels. By entering the competition you will automatically consent to publication.